One of the big questions that has plagued cutie funny guy Michael Cera is whether he'll be able to find a career outside of his bumbling, awkward, mild-mannered roles. While that question is currently left unanswered, we will get to see if the guy on the screen is the same guy backstage.

The Hollywood Reporter
posts that he's part of a "semi-secret" project called Paper Hearts. Why semi-secret? This sucker, which is being described as part-documentary and part-scripted comedy, has already been made and will debut soon at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. It seems this new film will follow his real-life relationship with Charlyne Yi (the stoner girl from Knocked Up, who you can see above), and like his recent Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, be greatly influenced by music.

I can't imagine how they'll meld the real and the fictional, but it should make for an interesting experiment. Will this secrecy pay off and help Paper Hearts explode during its debut in Park City? Or will it succumb to the woes of other struggling indie films? Stay tuned!