Heathers might be the film I adore, and the only piece of cinema that I can quote from beginning to end, but it's not the film that makes me thankful. That spot is reserved for The Thin Man.

In a world where hate is rampant and equality is still a hope to fight for, The Thin Man represents the possibility of something better. Made in 1934, it's the perfect example of rationale and heart coming from a time you'd least expect it. When I stare at my shelves of DVDs and try to look for something with smarts, heart, and writing that doesn't rely on overblown reactions and flimsy emotion, The Thin Man sticks out. When I want to watch a woman on the screen who is intelligent but also humorous, and who can balance frivolity with depth, there's no better example than Nora Charles.

This is one of those films that proves that it's not the theme that creates the worth of a movie (romcom, action, drama), but how it is handled and presented to us. In a world full of mundane repeats, copy-cat projects, and stereotypical notions, I'm thankful that there are a few glimpses of greatness, like The Thin Man.
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