Every bit of X-Men Origins: Wolverine news erodes my dignity a little bit more. Okay, I don't actually have any dignity ... but I really should be more patient before posting. Just a few days ago, I wound myself up over Jeff Katz's "last time I talked to Hugh Jackman, this is the Wolverine sequelhe wanted" quote.

And now, Jackman himself sat down with MTV and confirmed that he really would love to take Wolverine to Japan. "The most intriguing thing to me was the Japan story. I love the Japan story. I wanted to do the Japan story from around X-Men 2. Can you just picture Wolverine in Japan with the triads and the samurai? It's just genius."

Now, I used to mock Wolverine's Japan adventures as being a way to cash in on Karate Kid fever (mostly to annoy other comic devotees), but Frank Miller's vision of him as a ronin is genius. With a single book (which you need to read if you haven't already), Miller and Chris Claremont deepened Wolverine from a beer guzzling thug to the poetic badass we all know and love today. Of course, now every Wolverine comic writer gives him a doomed Japanese bride, but there was a time when it was novel, romantic, and tragic.

So, why didn't Jackman & Co. do that story instead of the mutant extravaganza that Origin is rumored to be? "How can you do that before you explain his origins? If we tried to mix the origin and Japan together, it wouldn't do justice to either. So you can tell by the answer where I'd like it to go." Darn you, Jackman. You're right, of course, but this just means I have to wait that much longer, and hope that Wolverine is good enough for it to happen.

Oh, and check out yet another new Empire photo after the jump. Looks like he fills out his jeans as nicely as his tanktops.

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