We know him as the man who made the radios go wild with "Achey Breaky" hearts, and he who holds the loins that made Miley, but could Billy Ray Cyrus soon become that tough action spy?

The Hollywood Reporter
posts that Cyrus, George Lopez, Amber Valletta, and Katherine Boecher have joined Jackie Chan's upcoming comedy The Spy Next Door. Chan plays a man who helps out his neighbors by babysitting their children. In a twist of bad luck for the guy, one accidentally downloads a code and he must protect the tykes from secret agents. They're lucky Kenneth from 30 Rock wasn't the babysitter... Lopez is "a CIA agent who might not be all the he appears," Cyrus is an agent as well, Valletta is mom, and since we're in spy-land, there are Russian shoes that will be filled by Boecher.

I think it's safe to presume how this will turn out. But what about the family of Cyruses? Will this lead to co-starring father-daughter gigs? Will anyone believe Cyrus is in the CIA? Sound off below!
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