Hollywood, please. Leave The Fountain's soundtrack alone!

Somehow, in the course of my writing, I neglected to ever watch the Frost/Nixon trailer, something now rectified thanks to it being attached to Australia. I was into it right up until a familiar theme started playing ... and then I just felt an inexplicable disgust. I wondered what, exactly, Ron Howard (or whoever at Universal put together the trailer) was thinking. Why on earth would you use The Fountain for that movie? What about the music is appropriate for the mood and story you're trying to convey? (A similar problem plagues Mansell's Lux Aeterna piece from Requiem for a Dream -- for every trailer that uses it beautifully, like The Two Towers, there's one that just cheeses it up, like Babylon A.D.)

I confess, I have a weird, protective feeling towards this soundtrack. It's one of my favorite films and scores, one I listen to constantly. I'm convinced that even if you didn't see the film, or hated it, Clint Mansell's score is music enough to stand on its own -- something few soundtracks really are. Honestly, if you don't own it, put it on your Christmas list -- you won't regret it.