At a recent horror convention -- admittedly my first -- I almost exited the merchandise room that had already put a regrettable dent in my wallet (and I say this having not bought anything all that shameful), and yet, there it was, something to give my geeky heart pause, shorten my breath, tighten my pants, all that jazz.

It was a cookie jar modeled after the egg(s) from Ridley Scott's ever-awesome Alien, and as sure as the sun shines, it was gone the very next day. However, an vendor appears to still have a handful left, at the 'ooh-maybe' price of $49 USD. I can also tell you that a handy Google search will show other sites with them available, though most seem to have it at a steeper cost.

Anyway, the film is approaching its thirtieth anniversary, the holiday season is under thirty days away, and every cookie consumed is a new excuse to trot out the line "What's the matter, the food ain't that bad!" As you mull that over, the rest of our Holiday Movie Junk series can be checked out at this link; as far as making your final decision is concerned, though...

You have my sympathies.