Guess this is a good topic to get out of the way now, seeing as we love to do all sorts of seasonal stuff here at Cinematical. Plus EW just posted a pretty solid piece on The 20 Worst Holiday Movies, and by "holiday," they mean December, not year 'round.

On one hand, the EW staff focuses on most of the easy (recent) targets like Deck the Halls, Surviving Christmas, and Christmas with the Kranks -- and I thank them for remembering to include the vile Jingle All the Way and the unwatchable Eight Crazy Nights -- but, um, the original Black Christmas does NOT belong on this list. (Why? Because it's a good horror film!) They give the flick a bankhand by saying "it's not that terrible," but include it on the list because it kick-started the (generally terrible) slasher sub-genre. That makes no sense to me, especially when there's a perfectly terrible remake of Black Christmas that could have made the list. (Oooh, and high-five to whomever remembered New Year's Evil.)

So take a look through the list and let us know what you think. Mostly naughty, not much nice. I mighta nominated Mixed Nuts, seeing as how many great people it wastes. Or most of The Santa Clause trilogy, for sheer awfulness. And for even more yuletide torture, heck, here's a two-year-old piece I wrote called The World's Most Obnoxious Xmas Comedies. Bah humbug indeed.