While I still think there's nothing cooler than the talking Tick I got a friend, this other (in)action figure is pretty cool. At some online outlets like Panik's Toy Box, you can pick up a foot-tall talking figure of Frank the Bunny. You know, James Duval's character from Donnie Darko.

As you can see to the right, Frank is chilling next to a mailbox, and you can choose to keep him at his bunny best, or switch the head and look at human Frank. The phrases that play include: "Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?" -- of course -- and "Do you believe in time travel?" As for the price, it's not too bad -- $34.99 -- and it's much more worthy than that damned director's cut. (Although the #1 fan bit rocks.)

Now we just need a Heathers figurine that belts out classics like "How very" and I'll be a happy camper.