The end of the year means you'll have no shortage of movie lists to pick through ... but here's one that's just too bouncy to ignore. My old pals at have (of course) come up with their list of the finest in cinematical skinematical for the year 2008. Now, before you get all huffy and stressed, it should be noted that MrSkin has always taken a rather jovial approach to movie-time nakedness. (Jovial as opposed to sleazy, is what I'm saying.) Plus, c'mon, we all love a good nude scene. Admit it. Love it enough to give MrSkin a whole lot of longtime fans. (Heck, they even played a prominent role in Knocked Up!)

But if you're scared of seeing copious cleavage or perhaps a stray butt-dimple, here's a text-based sampling of what you'll be missing: The stunning Sophie Monk in the amusing Sex & Death 101; the spunky Amy Smart re-defining "jaw-dropping" in Mirrors; plus just a few sexy peeks at Penelope Cruz, Mena Suvari, Amy Adams, and Angelina Jolie. Wanted, indeed. For a whole lot more (and a lot less clothes), check out the piece(s). And hey, there's another twenty for you TV fans. Since when is there nudity on TV? Check out the 20 film girls, in order of where they appear on the list, in the gallery below.

P.S. This is a list of female nakedness. For the other side of the equation, I challenge the women writers (and readers) of Cinematical to kick-start that roster.

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