Marley and MeGet ready for Wiliston (Anilson?) to answer your questions.

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson have been in the tabloids so much lately (not together, of course) that it's almost easy to forget that they're actual working actors -- and pretty darn good ones, too.

Fortunately, their upcoming movie should remind us of why we've always dug these two so much in the first place. They're starring in 'Marley & Me,' which is based on John Grogan's bestselling book about his beloved Labrador Retriever -- named Marley, naturally -- and the effect he had on the lives of Grogan and his wife and family.

Aniston and Wilson have agreed to participate in our award-nominatedUnscripted series, in which they'll ask each other questions submitted by fans (that means you). So please submit your question for either actor in the comments section below -- no overly personal questions, of course, if you please -- by Friday, December 5, and be sure to include your first name and where you live. Then check back here on December 22 to see if you question made the cut. Good luck!

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