Every man (and woman) needs a stylish trench coat -- and every fan who loves Ridley Scott's neo-noir needs this trench coat. This is a faithful replica of Rick Deckard's trenchcoat of the future, meticulously recreated by Abby Shot. They promise (and their customer reviews back it up) that it will wear the same, even in the endless rain. So, go ahead -- get in a fistfight with that Rutger Hauer lookalike, because it will stand you in good stead. Wear it, knowingly, to a noodle bar! You'll be in fashion in the past, present, and future -- and while all those moments may be lost, like tears in rain, the coat won't be. The grandchild who inherits it will be grateful they had such a cool grandparent.

If Blade Runner isn't quite your style, Abby Shot probably has a coat that is. Among other pieces, you can get the Bride's yellow biker jacket from Kill Bill, Silent Bob's trench, Mad Max's coat, Zoe's Serenity vest, and (my favorite) Wolverine's coat from X-Men. (It would take a special guy to rock that coat.) They're pricey, but they are all custom made for you, which is more than you would get if you spent it at Gucci. Check them out, if only to drool and wish you were really really wealthy.