Last we heard from the Farrelly camp, the brothers were cooking up a re-launch of the Three Stooges. Now, in a bit less aggravating news: One of them, Peter Farrelly, is getting into the trend of cooking up a myriad of shorts for one feature -- a la Paris je T'aime. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Farrelly and Charles Wessler are teaming up with Liberty Media to create a comedy-centric mix that could hold as many as 24 shorts.

What names are attached thus far? None, other than Farrelly, who will direct not one, but two shorts. Beyond him, the infamous Brett Ratner, Todd Phillips (Old School), Mike Judge (Office Space), and Blades of Glory directors Josh Gordon and Will Speck are all in talks to write and/or direct. The plan is to score "other actors and directors from across the film world, even some not known for comedy." So far, no city-centric or overriding theme has been given.

Some of the names are good, but some -- *cough* Ratner *cough* -- aren't the first names I'd think of in the world of comedy, which makes me wonder what sort of film they're going for. The plus of the Paris and New York collections is the diversity. So, I can only hope that means we'll get not only stateside names like Tina Fey and Christopher Guest, but also some Guy Maddin, Patrice Leconte, Terry Gilliam, Gurinder Chadha...

Who do you want to see involved?
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