Our pal Christopher Campbell has put together a pretty cool top ten list over at Spout Blog. Inspired by the frenzy surrounding Paramore, who has been fortunate enough to land two songs on the Twilight soundtrack, he's put together a list of one hit wonders made by the movies. As memorable (and impossible to eradicate from easy listening stations) as Lookin' For Love, King of Wishful Thinking, and Stay (I Missed You) are, they're really just that one song from that one movie -- you know the one ... yeah, that movie! (By the way, the above three are from Urban Cowboy, Pretty Woman, and Reality Bites, respectively.)

The best thing about these lists is the debate they inspire. I disagree that Chris Isaak's Wicked Game fits the mold, as I think it's associated less with Wild at Heart than with a sandy and sexy Helena Christensen. In coming up with nominations of our own, Scott Weinberg and I immediately disagreed on whether Peter Cetera and Glory of Love from Karate Kid II qualified, or if Cetera being in Chicago was an automatic pass. (I say no, Scott says yes.) But we did manage to nominate Better Than Ezra's Circle of Friends from Empire Records, Gerard McMann's Cry Little Sister from The Lost Boys, andChris DeBurgh's Lady in Red from Working Girl. Campbell, with his vast knowledge, could veto all three. What about you, readers? Give us some of your nominations, debate the popularity of Chris Isaak, or at least help us decide whether Glory of Love qualifies.
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