Just yesterday I was inspired to write "Everyone should watch District B13" on my Facebook page, and then I watched the dang movie AGAIN! Basically I think it's one of the most entertaining action flicks of the past ten years, so when I came across THIS PIECE during my regular Twitch-surfing, I got very excited indeed. Looks like District B13: Ultimatum will reunite the amazing ass-kickers known as David Belle and Cyril Raffaelli; Luc Besson is on solo screenwriting duty; and the director is a Frenchman namd Patrick Alessandrin.

No solid word yet on when D-B13:U will be completed (or even who'll be distributing in this part of the globe, athough Magnolia did a fine job with the first flick), but if you spend a few minutes at Twitch then you'll find four behind-the-scenes clips to flicker through. (The most recent one is the coolest, and it's the one I've embedded below.) And then after the jump, a bonus that just never gets old. (Previous reports on this movie can be found here and here.)
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