This first bit might be a bit off the cinematic path, but it's something strange enough to rival those stories of a frozen Walt Disney. You might have heard that David Tennant (our latest Doctor Who) is starring in a stage version of Hamlet over in the UK. Well, it seems that he wasn't using a fake skull -- in fact, it was the skull of a Shakespeare enthusiast, concert pianist and Holocaust survivor Andrew Tchaikowsky. Tennant leaked the information, and now the BBC reports that it will no longer be used so that the audience wouldn't be distracted. Bummer for Tchaikowsky's dying wish, but imagine the possibilities. Is bone donation the next wave in creative appreciation?

In other dark news, Variety reports that the classically creepy Michael Wincott (Top Dollar from The Crow) is teaming up with Swedish actor/director Rafael Edholm for an untitled Sweden-set drama. According to Wincott: "Three people meet, something may have happened in their teenage years, and this will now result ín one death. It is drama, thriller and dark comedy." Unfortunately, we won't learn what that all means for a while -- production isn't slated to start until February 2010.

Finally, we've got a scribe for the upcoming remake of Captain Blood. The Hollywood Reporter posts that John Brownlow, writer of 2003's Sylvia, has grabbed the gig. If you're not familiar with the Oscar-nominated original, Errol Flynn starred as a doctor convicted of treason who is sold into slavery only to escape and become a pirate. This whole thing makes me itch for Cary Elwes to return to his escaped prisoner-turned-pirate roots. Who's with me?
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