We all know the triumphs and struggles of Roman Polanski, and how one of the latter has remained a thorn in his side to this day -- the sex he had with a 13-year-old girl 31 years ago. The recent documentary Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired (which Erik andChristopher both reviewed) covered the years Polanski has spent avoiding jail and both the US and UK, and ended with word that it could have all come to an end, but that the judge wanted the proceedings televised. That was the end of that until now; Polanski wants it all done with.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that the famed filmmaker has filed papers with the Los Angeles Superior Court requesting that the case against him be dismissed. His reasoning, according to THR: "They list a slew of reasons for the case to be dismissed, including that the victim, Samantha Geimer, has made 'numerous' and repeated requests that the case be dismissed and that Mr. Polanski serve no further term of incarceration, a request that must be considered."

I can't help but wonder: Would Polanski really want to come back? Think about it -- the US he remembers isn't the US of today. I can imagine him coming back, seeing that nothing is as he left it all that time ago, and head right back to Europe. But this all also depends on whether they'll consider wiping it all away without Polanski being present. Think he'll risk it and finally hit US shores again?
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