Raise your hand if you remember the movie Screamers. OK, keep your hand raised if you remember anything other than "Peter Weller," "Philip K. Dick," and "box office failure." Yeah, that's what I thought. It's not that Screamers is that rotten of a sci-fi horror movie ... more that it's just OK. Not awful, but certainly not cool enough to warrant a full-bore cult following. But that hasn't stopped a bunch of Canadian filmmakers from unleashing Screamers: The Hunting.

I'll embed the trailer clip in just a sec, but since Quiet Earth did the leg-work on this item, we'll refer you to their site for more info. Screamers: The Hunting looks pretty plain across the board, but of course I'm always interested in seeing a video sequel to a 14-year-old sci-fi flick that nobody talks about anymore. (I'm weird that way. Someone kick me if they ever find a trailer for Galaxy of Terror 2.) Digging a little deeper I learned that Screamers 2 was directed by Sheldon Wilson (Kaw, Shallow Ground) and written by Miguel Tejada-Flores, who used to write fun flicks for Filmax, so I'm feeling 10% better about Screamers: The Hunting than I was ten minutes ago.

Except ten minutes ago, I had no idea Screamers: The Hunting even existed. (Oh wait, yes I did.) Expect the flick's arrival in the next month or two. Probably on Sci-Fi Channel, but I'll just wait for the DVD.