As I sit here in the middle of the night, three remakes hit the wire. Is there something in the air? All are annoying, and I'm sure some of the other lovely Cinematical writers will deal with them, so I'm going to stick with Kathleen and Michael.

The Hollywood Reporter posts that Fox wants to bring Romancing the Stoneback to the big screen. Kathleen Turner. Michael Douglas. Danny Devito. If you don't remember, or know (sacrilege!), the film focuses on a romance novelist who goes to Colombia to deliver a package and free her kidnapped sister, but she ends up in a jungle with the sexy Jack T. Colton and heads off on an adventure that brings thrills as much as romance.

Isn't there some other stone they could romance? Couldn't Fox merely take the basic idea and run with it? Why bother taking the exact story and try to fill shoes that can never be filled. But hey -- Daniel McDemott is writing it, and considering the fact that he's already working on a remake of Soylent Green, I shouldn't be surprised about this.

But that doesn't make the news any better, and makes me want to shove a jewel up someone's Nile.
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