In an effort to reach those Academy voters who haven't a clue what The Dark Knightis or was or could potentially become, folks have kick-started something called The Dark Campaign -- a site dedicated to getting their favorite film of the year a little recognition come Oscar time. Personally, I'm not sure what an Oscar nod or two could add to this film's resume, especially since it definitely doesn't need the money. Not only is The Dark Knight approaching $1 billion at the box office, but chances are it will also become the year's hottest-selling DVD when it arrives in stores next week. Obviously it's a popular movie. Obviously a lot of people really dug it. Obviously the Academy could use its massive following to bolster ratings. So even if voters decide not to reward this Batman sequel for all its accomplished, something tells me the flick's already made its mark and done its job. (And if there ever was an Oscar for Best Marketing Campaign, The Dark Knight would win it hands down.)

That said, as part of the Dark Campaign, one fan doctored-up this older Academy Awards poster to make it look like the Joker got his hands on it. Definitely a cute idea, and points go to the creator. Check out a larger version below. What do you think: If The Dark Knight does deserve an Oscar nod or two, which categories are we talking about here?