I've been pretty intrigued by Hilary Swank's collection of projects recently. She's picked up time as Amelia Earhart, been a backstabbing best friend, a lawyer inspired by her wrongfully convicted brother, and a woman who is French, or fat, or something. And now she's getting stalked.

Variety reports that she's headlining a new flick called The Resident. The film, which heads into production next May, follows a doctor (Swank) who moves into a Brooklyn loft, just to find out that her new landlord is a stalker. The project is labeled as a thriller, so I guess that means peeping holes in the walls, and perhaps a hidden camera or two? It's amazing how a hole in the wall is seem as pervly-charming when it's teenage boys and a shower, but creepy if its a landlord. Anyhow... Antti J. Jokinen wrote the feature (which he will direct) with Robert Orr, and the pen behind the lovely S&M fest Secretary, Erin Cressida Wilson, whipped up a rewrite.

Now the only question that remains is how Swank will handle it. She's a unique package -- one that can shock up an amazing performance, but also wrap herself in some cinematic crap. Will this be another Lakeview Terrace or something more notable? This could go either way.
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