Here's a cool story I came across today. How did the makers of Iron Man put together that montage detailing the rise of Tony Stark, Obadiah Stane, and Stark Industries? Apparently they did it at least in part by looking for nifty photos on the internet.

Jeremy Keith is "just" a web designer with a website and a Flickr account. This week, he posted a fun account of how team Iron Man found one of his Flickr photos -- a picture of his friend in NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building -- decided they wanted to use it, and set about getting his permission. The best part: he ignored them for weeks. But apparently they really liked the photo, and hounded him for it. The second best part: they didn't know it was a photo taken in one of NASA's most famous facilities -- which is obviously a great fit for the film's subject matter. They thought it was "just some warehouse or something."

Anyway, good story, and I didn't see it around the movie blogs, so there you go. People do insane things for internet fame, but sometimes it just happens by accident, after a fashion. Remember this next time you put up a photo album and make it public.

[via Waxy]
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