Once you've remade John Carpenter's Halloweeen and The Fog, where else do you go? We've been hearing about an Escape from New York re-do for quite some time now, and we all know it's just a matter of time before someone re-remakes The Thing -- but what else? Starman? Could be. Big Trouble in Little China? Please, no. Prince of Darkness? Ye gods, no!

But They Live? Hmm, now there's a Carpenter favorite that actually COULD be good-lookin' in a shiny new suit. That's not a knock in the 1988 original, but I think the themes and ideas found in They Live could work extra-well in a modernized version. (For those who don't know, They Live is about decent homeless dude who happens to stumble across an outrageously elaborate "alien invasion.") Based on the Ray Nelson short story Eight O'Clock in the Morning, They Live has a fantastic concept and makes use of the consumer / comformity angle in rather clever fashion. Plus the flick has one of the nuttiest alleyway brawls you ever will see ... but the movie sort of falls apart in act III, doesn't it?

Anyway, The Hollywood Reporter informs us that Universal will bankroll the remake along with Strike Entertainment (who also did Dawn of the Dead and has the option on that remake of The Thing). No word yet on who'll do the writing or directing, but I could probably bang out a draft. Lord knows I've seen They Live enough times. And yes, Mr. Carpenter will be on board as a producer ... but he also wore that hat on The Fog and Halloween, so I don't think "quality control" is his main concern. Plus, how is the man ever going to feel inspired to make a NEW movie if people keep handing him checks for his OLD movies? Argh.
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