I was compiling my tentative best-of-the-year list yesterday (there are three or four contenders I have yet to see, but a Cinematical deadline forced me to jump the gun), and surprised myself somewhat by how high I wound up placing The Dark Knight. I loved the movie back in the summer, but my tendency with these films is to geek out initially, then come to my senses after a few weeks. But The Dark Knight stayed with me after two theatrical viewings, and the Oscar campaign Warner Bros. is ramping up suddenly seems like serious business.

If anyone is still on the fence about the film -- or if, God forbid, anyone hasn't seen it -- you'll get another chance to check it out in theaters on January 23rd, according to a press release making the rounds yesterday. There was some speculation just this week that the planned January rerelease wouldn't include another IMAX appearance by The Dark Knight, but this isn't so. The nationwide rerelease will include both IMAX and regular theaters. This is good news for me, since I never got around to seeing the film in IMAX. Initially, I was afraid that Christopher Nolan's fondness for quick edits and choppy cinematography would make The Dark Knight a blur on the huge screen, but everyone says it's glorious, so I'll give it a shot.

Part of the motivation here is surely to have The Dark Knight surpass $1 billion in worldwide grosses, which it is less than $4 million from doing. It would only be the fourth film in history to do so. It is currently sitting $70 million behind Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, so it is likely to remain in fourth place for the time being.

Meanwhile, The Dark Knight hits DVD on December 9th. Will you go back to the theater in January?
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