There's an interesting discussion currently making its way around the internets after's Jurgen Fauth listed his choices for the most disappointing films of 2008 -- a list which boasts fan favorites like The Dark Knight, WALL-E and Slumdog Millionaire. Obviously Jurgen is one to go against the grain -- and more power to him -- but we're certainly allowed to disagree with statements like (when speaking of WALL-E): " ... for my money, the much maligned Star Wars: The Clone Wars offered much more exciting entertainment and a fresher visual style." George Lucas sends his love.

Karina over at Spout then picked up the torch and shoveled out some of the films she was most disappointed by in 2008, including Religulous, Che and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (this one in particular caused the gal a few hate mail waves). As far as the films on my list, top (or bottom) honors would have to go to Choke, which was a great book that landed in the wrong hands. Part of me already expected to be disappointed by Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, so we half-count that, and, like both Jurgen and Karina, felt Oliver Stone could've done much better with W. I'll round out my list with Clint Eastwood's Changeling -- a film I thought tried to be too much at once -- and then ask you for your most disappointing films of 2008. So ... sound off below.
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