Today is a day for celebration, since it seems director Kyle Newman has finally washed the Weinstein stench off him and landed another gig! The Hollywood Reporter tells us Newman will direct an adaptation of the cult comic book Emo Boy, which is described (in tone) as being like Napoleon Dynamite, Harold and Maude and Zoolander. From the Amazon description: "Poor Emo Boy- he's unpopular. Unloved. He has no family. Not only does he need to deal with things like pondering suicide and questioning his sexual identity, but on top of that he's got these emo super powers that only seem to bring destruction and disaster, causing everyone to hate him more than they already do. His first love suffers a head explosion, the football team wants him dead, and he got an F in English. No wonder he's so depressed!'

Sounds perfect for Newman, who previously helmed the geek-tastic comedy Fanboys (which is finally set to arrive in theaters on February 6), and almost directed a Revenge of the Nerds remake before that sucker was shut down. I had the pleasure of hanging with Newman and his totally hottie wife Jaime King at Comic Con this past July, and they're both incredibly geeky and very much dedicated to churning out fun flicks. King plays a pretty funny part in Fanboys, and I'm sure she'll show up in some capacity for Emo Boy. No word on production or release date, though hopefully we won't have to wait five years to see it.
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