• Thanks to the Valkyrie junkets, Bryan Singer is having to talk about the Superman reboot. UGO pinned him down, and the answers were noncommittal to say the least. At this point, he is not "officially involved" but is not divorced from Superman. "You know, I have relationships with Warner Brothers and with the character and, and, and, and it's just the way things work out. " Doesn't sound hopeful, does it?
  • If Punisher: War Zone does well, you'll see a return of Ray Stevenson in the title role -- and Stevenson, who was unfamiliar with Frank Castle and comics in general, already has his favorite stories picked out. "I'm signed up. We'll have to see if this works, but we'd all love to see the franchise continue, and there's certainly stories to tell. There's a storyline about white slavers and prostitution that I loved. There was also a series where he gets out of the States and goes to Afghanistan. The Man of Stone sequence in connection with the SAS guy. There's a great character who's a law enforcement agent, the wife of a double agent. She's a fantastic character --very in your face -- and I'd love to do something with her. We'll see what happens with this one." [Mania.com]
  • Speaking of sequels, both Frank Miller and Mickey Rourke are, like most of the world, ready for Sin City 2. Miller told IGN.uk that the script is finished, that it's a matter of working out production details -- but they could start shooting as early as April. Rourke merely told MTV that he was ready. Way back in July, Robert Rodriguez smiled coyly and said he was "reassessing," being focused on a fall project that never was revealed. Anyone else think Sin City is as finished as our Thanksgiving turkey? Then again, with Miller having director cred now, he might just take it over altogether.
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