Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game Santa obsesses over during his off time. Last week we asked you to celebrate Caption-Gate by churning out a little funny for a photo from the new filmFrost/Nixon, in theaters this weekend. Congrats to our three winners, who reminded us of the warped nicknames that plagued the Nixon era.

1. "I know they call him Tricky Dick, but that's just inappropriate." -- Don P.

2. "The De-Evolution of Sideburns" -- Joshua B.

3. "Frost, Woodward, and Bernstein look up in dismay as Nixon finally puts it together and figures out who Deep Throat was. Of course, having their secret conversations in the television studio was probably a bad idea." -- Kathi F.

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This week we're loosening our belt buckles, hiding the scale and waitin' for Santa to bring us all sorts of goodies because there ain't nothin' like the holidays. And whaddya know, the film we're highlighting this week is called Nothing Like the Holidays (in theaters December 12), and those folks behind the three naughtiest (but tasteful) captions will prance away with one Nothing Like the Holidays soundtrack, one Nothing Like the Holidays cookbook, one Nothing Like the Holidays scarf, one Nothing Like the Holidays notepad, one Nothing Like the Holidays poster, one Nothing Like the Holidays flask and one Nothing Like the Holidays grocery bag. So start shopping for the best caption, folks, and sound off below ...

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