The first teaser trailer looked promising enough, and the mildly (un)pleasant surprises continue with the brand-new full trailer for Marcus Nispel's Friday the 13th remake. Opening on February (Friday) 13th, this re-do jimmies with the original trilogy and aims to tread at least a little new ground in the story department. Instead of a bunch of clueless counselors who are preparing a camp for the upcoming summer, this new-fangled version will focus on a guy who's missing for his missing sister, only to come across a bunch of (soon-to-be-dead) partiers while searching around ol' Camp Crystal Lake.

Hey, it's not like the original flick was densely plotted, ok?

So the purist in me wants to sneer derisively and the 14-year-old horror nerd in me wants to say "Woohoo, bring it on!" -- so let's just call it a draw and keep our fingers crossed for the next few months. Plus, detest me if you will, but I happen to quite like Nispel's Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. So there. As far as the trailer goes, I think they give away a few too many of the jolts, but then again, most people won't watch this trailer four times in fifteen minutes. Like I did.