Not long ago it was rumored that when J.J. Abrams' Star Trekhits theaters this May 8, it will do so by arriving in both conventional theaters and on IMAX screens. While nothing official has been announced yet, it appears the folks in charge are waiting till The Day the Earth Stood Stillhits theaters. Why? Well, according to our peeps, a Star Trek trailer will be attached to IMAX prints of that film. Here's what a source told us: "We got our print-info sheet for Day the Earth Stood Still in IMAX and attached is a trailer for Star Trek. So it appears that JJ Abrams Trek Reboot/Remake is coming to IMAX in May."

Not for nothing, but it seems like a fairly obvious choice to bring Star Trek to IMAX theaters since, as proven by The Dark Knight, the fanboy-ish stuff thrives in that environment. Unfortunately, unlike Dark Knight, Abrams did not shoot any of the film with IMAX cameras; instead, the flick will be converted to fit the format. What say you? How will you watch Star Trek -- in regular theaters or on IMAX screens?
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