Browsing through the Sundance schedule is like walking through a supermarket when you're hungry -- there's so much brand new unopened content that you can't help but want to devour it all. One film that caught my eye was Mystery Team, screening in the Midnight section at this year's (but technically next year) Sundance fest. Here's the synopsis: "A group of kid detectives called The Mystery Team struggle to solve a double murder to prove they can be real detectives before they graduate from high school." I'm such a sucker for dorky high school comedies, and so this flick immediately leaped onto my radar. Cinematical reader DJ S. turned us on to a trailer that's floating around forMystery Team -- and let me just say that something about it (silly humor, awkward glances, nicely timed foul-mouthedness) cracked me the hell up. Check it out below.

Warning: The following trailer contains foul language.

Check out the trailer for Helen, starring Ashley Judd, after the jump.