One thing is for certain -- it'll be hard for anyone that sees Little Ashes to think of Robert Pattinson only as the young heartbreaker from Twilight. But it also looks like it just might successfully keep him out of the supernatural type-cast rut. Above you can check out the trailer for Little Ashes, the film that has him donning Salvador Dali's classic 'stache and getting sexy with Federico Garcia Lorca.

The film follows a young Dali as a student in Madrid during the '20s, hanging out with Lorca and Luis Banuel on the eve of the Spanish Civil War. From the looks of the trailer, this film will deliver much more than a look into the sexuality of two noted Spanish thinkers, but also the environment of Madrid in 1922 and how Dali's persona came to be -- something entirely welcome in my book. The earlier twentieth century is rife with great material from the artists and authors of the time, and we don't get a taste of it nearly enough.

I just wish that this could've come out before the Twilight freakout so that it would be like some random guy becoming Dali, rather than Pattinson putting on the Dali mushtache. But I'm hoping that it's just something you get used to as the world of vampires fades away.

What do you think?