Now before anyone gets too excited, keep in mind that when it comes to Dark Shadows on the big screen, nothing is ever a done deal. Over a year ago, the news surfaced that Johnny Depp and Tim Burton were putting their heads together to bring the 1960's TV series to the big screen. But, as we all know, a certain girl falling down a rabbit hole took priority. But, in a conversation with Yes Man producers, Richard D. Zanuck and David Heyman, Collider scored some news about the adaptation via 'Hollywood Royal', Mr. Zanuck. According to him, "Dark Shadows is going to be Tim's next project after Alice in Wonderland and they'll be shooting it next summer in London".

For those of you who might not remember the campy awesomeness that was Dark Shadows, here is a little primer: Shadows premiered back in 1966 and was considered a 'Gothic soap' that made the leap into the supernatural a few months into its run by adding werewolves, ghosts, zombies, and various other monsters, and most importantly, a vampire by the name of Barnabas Collins. Numerous TV revivals of the series and feature film adaptations have been attempted, but none have ever lasted despite the strong fan base for the 40-plus year old soap.

Both Depp and Burton are avowed Shadows fans, so it makes perfect sense that the duo would be reluctant to let the project fall by the wayside in spite of the delay. But, it is going to be no easy task to bring the soap onto the big screen, even with two die hard fans like Depp and Burton behind the wheel.

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