It's the 6th of December, and that means a new Watchmen video diary. This is video #9, which actually freaks me out a little bit, because it seems like yesterday that I was posting the first one. Official trailers, posters, ComicCon panels were miles on the horizon, to say nothing of the film itself. Now, we only have three more to go before the movie will be in theaters. It's going to be over before you know it. You will wake up tomorrow and it'll be March 6th, and you will either have seen it at a midnight showing, or be anxiously waiting your turn.

Anyway, enough about the passage of time -- the 9th journal is online at Omelete, and you can access it by clicking on the link or the photo above. (If either stop working, you're going to have to practice your Portuguese to find it -- it's the little button labeled Videoblog Dir. De Arte.) This one is all about the Easter Eggs buried within the film, little visual nods and set embellishments that will make the graphic novel come to life. It feels a little like we've heard and seen it before, but much of the footage is new, like the close-up of the newsstand above. The surface detail continues to leave me stunned -- and yet, I am horrified Laurie must wear that hideous red smock outfit from the book. If anything was begging to be changed, it was that! Watch, enjoy, and comment.