Ever since we began championing the fantastic documentary Dear Zachary earlier this year, several of you have written in wanting to know where and when you can see it for yourselves. Well, cancel plans for tonight because the flick will air on MSNBC later this evening at 9pm EST, and will be shown again at midnight EST. That time adjusts for the other time zones, so my advice is to look it up on your cable guide to get the exact time it's airing in your neck of the woods. Here's what some folks have said about Dear Zachary:

"One of the best documentaries I have ever seen in my entire life... a film that will rock you to your core. You will cry. You will hurt – and this film will sit with you for days, weeks, months. But you will come away believing in people. Believing that even where there is evil, there is also a tremendous amount of good."
- Erik Davis, Cinematical.com

"Before all else, there's Dear Zachary, documentarian Kurt Kuenne's shockingly intimate account of his road trip a few years ago, after his childhood friend, Andrew Bagby, was shot under mysterious circumstances in 2001. Excuse the hyperbole, but Dear Zachary is one of the most alarmingly forceful documentaries in years." - Eric Kohn, IndieWire.com

"This documentary will rip out your heart and leave you in the snow without a sweater. But afterwards, all wounded and broken down, you will see the power of the human spirit even in the face of the darkest of souls." - Sarah Diamond, director of programming, Slamdance Film Festival

"...The talk of Slamdance... Dear Zachary is, above all, a virtuoso feat in editing, and Kuenne uses the material at his disposal to devastating effect... it's impossible not to feel emotionally exhausted." - Peter Debruge, Variety

Check out the trailer after the jump. MSNBC. Tonight. Watch it.