Personally, I'm of the belief that there should always be exactly one sequel to Forrest Gump. Said sequel, Forrest Gump 2: Gump Again, has already been made. This baby lives inside the maniac world of John Waters and Cecil B. Demented, and it stars Kevin Nealon. It's totally ludicrous, and luckily only a brief blip inside another film, rather than a full-length, big-buzzed feature.

It looks like that's all we will get, courtesy of 9/11. While talking with screenwriter Eric Roth about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, /film asked about long-in-gestation sequel Gump & Co. It seems he whipped up a sequel back in 2001, one that would continue with the story just two minutes after the original ended, and handed it in on September 10, 2001. Then came 9/11, and it was decided that the sequel was no longer relevant. "The world had changed. Now time has obviously passed, but maybe some things should just be one thing and left as they are."

Hear, hear.* Forrest Gump is an interesting film, one that's been doused with praise and derision, enough to make me pretty sure that any sequel wouldn't work as well as the first. There's just too much expectation in the air -- both positive and negative. Then again, maybe I say that because I'm not a big fan of the first. What say you?

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