I'm trying to resist this plush from NECA. I'm trying really hard. I have a stuffed Gizmo somewhere, and to have another would be a betrayal of his plush feelings ... but this one sings. That's right, he trills that lovely Mogwai tune that so enchants Billy's dad that he buys him for a surprise Christmas gift. It didn't just enchant Billy's dad, though. I stayed awake at night dreaming about a Mogwai, it was one of those fantasies I was just sure would come true if I wished hard enough -- just like owning my own orangutan. Other kids asked for ponies, I wanted Mogwais and orangutans. My dream could finally (kinda) come true with this.

I've embedded a YouTube video below so you can enjoy it for yourself. I suspect it's the kind of thing that might get old quickly (unlike if it was the real Gizmo who be your friend), which is probably why NECA released a Christmas version. Santa Gizmo seems like the perfect thing to bring out, year after year, to delight everyone in the family. Think of how you could terrorize the wee ones in your house by warning them what not to do with a Mogwai -- come on, it fosters responsibility!