Over the weekend my cousin was telling me how he bought the NFL package this year where he gets to watch every single football game, and how there's one channel called The Red Zone that broadcasts without commercials and only shows you live coverage of a team that's about to score. So basically, only the best parts of every game. Well imagine if a similar thing existed for movies and television -- a channel that only aired the "good parts" of whatever movie or television show they decided to highlight. Could be kinda cool, right?

Leave it to those lunatics over at Robot Chicken to dream up such a channel, and last night I caught a little sketch on the show called Just The Good Parts. A couple of television shows are mashed in here, so excuse the non film-related content, but they also tackle a whole bunch of movies like There Will Be Blood, King Kong, Lawrence of Arabia and more. In addition to the clip below, I've included one of my favorite clips from their recent Star Wars episode after the jump called My Dinner with Vader. Hilarious. Check them both out and enjoy.

Warning: The following clip includes foul language