Ben Affleck is gearing up to slide his tuckus back into the directorial chair -- The Hollywood Reporter posts that he's in negotiations to direct the story of slain journalist Don Bolles, from a screenplay by The Longest Yard scribe Sheldon Turner.

Bolles was a reporter for the Arizona Republic, digging into the mob and political corruption, when he was lured to a hotel by an unknown source back in 1976. No one showed up, and as Bolles left, his car was blown up by a remote detonator. He survived for over a week, suffering amputations until he finally succumbed to his injuries eleven days later. The wake of Bolles' death not only led to justice being served for the crime, but also inspired fellow journalists coming together to complete his work and expose corruption in Arizona.

It's funny -- I remember people saying a few years ago that Matt Damon was the man behind his and Affleck's success with Good Will Hunting, and how ol' Ben was just along for the ride. I always knew there was a bit more to him, and that under that goofy comedic gleam and Jennifer addiction lay something more.

Now I just wonder who they'll get to play Bolles....
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