Erik just shared word that Alex Greven's book has been picked up by Fox for the feature treatment, which means we'll soon get a film whose basis comes straight from the head of a 9-year-old. That's not bad for a fourth grader who writes a book to help his friends get the ladies. First step: School Book Fair. Next Step: Harper Collins. Last Step: Hollywood!

Now this could be seen as completely ridiculous, but I'm not so sure. SNL already made a great Weekend Update bit out of it, which you can see above. Of course, the real deal probably won't take that spin with the work, but it will get a feature writer and a story plugged around it, so it's not like the 9-year-old is running the shots.

As I see it, this has no less of a chance to do well than a story that came from anyone over the age of 20. In fact, if they can keep the quirk of the whole idea in tact, and have some fun with it, How to Talk to Girls could be a cute comedy.

It's not like most of the older lads and ladies out there aren't turning in a lot of crap, regurgitating old classics, and whittling our world down to its most stereotypical form. I say: Bring in some fresh talent! If the grownups can't do it, maybe the kids can breathe some life back into the Hollywood between Apatow and superheroes. What say you?
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