Although it sounds utterly ridiculous, we are totally not making this up -- 20th Century Fox has decided to adapt a fourth grader's book called -- wait for it -- How to Talk to Girls. Yup. A nine-year-old from Colorado noticed that a lot of his peers were having trouble talking to girls, and so he penned a 46-page self-help book called "In Case You Need A Reason to Beat Me Up, Here Ya Go," which was ultimately changed to How to Talk to Girls. (And yes, I was kidding about that first title, though it's the one I would've gone with.)

Apparently the kid sold his handwritten book for three dollars at the local school book fair, and then, of course, Harper Collins picked it up (because that's how these things work when you're nine and decide to write a book). Fox initially passed on the title, but when they saw how popular it was becoming, snatched it right up. Among some of the youngster's tips, we have this beauty (via THR): "a crush is like a love disease that can drive you mad; it is easy to spot pretty girls because they have big earrings, fancy dresses and all the jewelry but are like cars that need a lot of oil." Tell me about it ... and like gas prices, these women will get more expensive each month you date them. No writer, director or cast is attached yet, though I say we just let this kid adapt his own book. Heck, it's gotta turn out better than Meet Dave, right?
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