UPDATE: The domestic trailer is now up at Apple.

Check out the full Japanese trailer for Terminator Salvation, which should be attached to The Day The Earth Stood Still, not to mention shown on Entertainment Tonight -- um -- tonight, and will likely be yanked from YouTube in favor of a proper online premiere later this week. I don't know about you, but this doesn't look half-bad -- even if it doesn't quite feel like Terminator proper. (Then again, I think Rise of the Machines is tolerable, so what do I know?)

You've got your Christian Bale yelling, you've got big robots, small robots, ones the size of your bike, and explosions are in no short supply. Something tells me that probable PG-13 might not be so distracting given the scale of the piece. I never thought that I'd say it, but I think I want to give director McG (Charlie's Angels 1 & 2, We Are Marshall) the benefit of the doubt here.

If the trailer's still up by the time this post is, what say you guys and girls? Does this look like next summer's primo blockbuster to you or not so much?