We've already heard the unbelievable buzz that Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston are going to prison, with Jen getting to play a singing inmate. I would've bet that the whole thing was cooked up by innocent Mad Libs if Aniston wasn't producing the sucker. But get this -- Goree Girls is just the tip of the iceberg.

Variety reports that Aniston and Butler are in negotiations to star in a new, currently untitled, bounty hunter comedy. Should this all pan out, Butler will play a bounty hunter who is hired to hunt down a fugitive that's skipped bail -- one who just so happens to be his ex-wife (Aniston). Uh, did someone read about Goree and decide that they'd be perfect for another outlaw comedy? (While on drugs, of course, since this is ridiculous.) Sarah Thorp, the pen behind Twisted, wrote the screenplay, and Andy Tennant (Hitch) has signed on to direct.

When did Aniston become a bad girl? Jolie goes good and grabs Brad, so Jen becomes bad? Maybe this would make some sort of sense if the actress had undergone some sort of Linda Hamilton transformation, but as it is -- I just don't see why Aniston is the It-girl for incarceration. Are we all missing something?
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