It's really creepy, but the moment I start wondering about We3 again, it pops up in the press. Back in August, Grant Morrison had used the project's downtime to write a screenplay that he claimed was better than the original graphic novel. The screenplay was so good, it was attracting all kinds of interest, and Morrison hinted that "a big, hot director" was attached. The possibilities were kind of endless, and I was secretly hoping for Zack Snyder due to the copious amount of blood and guts.

According to ShockTillYouDrop, though, it turns out that director is none other than ... John Stevenson of Kung Fu Panda fame. Part of me is going "Really? That's, um, not a very big name." But I've heard some very good things about Kung Fu Panda (I still haven't seen it, as Netflix just keeps teasing me), and Stevenson certainly has some amazing art direction credits. You could do a lot worse than someone who has some fighting animals under his belt. Though it has a director, it's still looking for a studio to call home, so we have some waiting and fidgeting to do.

Producer Don Murphy assures fans that the film will be live action, not animated, and it won't be "cutesy." The book is pretty impossible to make cutesy (a rat is disemboweled in the first few pages) so, Kung Fu Panda or not, I'm not too worried about that. I just want it to leave everyone in the theaters crying their eyes out, wondering about the nature of empathy. (By the way, have you bought the book yet? No? Well, there's still time. It's the perfect stocking stuffer.)

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