You have probably already forgotten about the R-rated comedy Sex Drive that opened in 9th place the weekend of Oct. 17 and quickly disappeared altogether. With no big stars, a generic concept, and an uninteresting title, even the smattering of good reviews it got -- and it actually was pretty funny -- couldn't help it.

But you tend to fail upward in Hollywood, and the two guys behind the film -- writer/director Sean Anders and co-writer John Morris -- are still in demand. Not only are they writing a Meatballs remake for Lionsgate, but now they're set to co-direct a comedy called Hot Tub Time Machine. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it's about a group of grown-up friends who visit a hot tub where they once partied, discover it's now a time machine, and travel back to when they were young, raunchy fellows. Hilarity ensues.

You might say, "Why make a movie about a time-traveling hot tub?" Well, I say, "Why not make a movie about a time-traveling hot tub?" Anders and Morris' first film, the indie comedy Never Been Thawed, was about a group of frozen-food collectors and a Christian rock band. It sounds like Sex Drive, about a teenager driving cross-country for a booty call, was probably the least bizarre of their projects.

Hot Tub Time Machine is being written by someone named Jason Heald, by the way, who doesn't appear on IMDB. First-timer? Pseudonym? Typo? If Mr. Heald is reading this, please contact us and tell us whether your screenplay is funny and why we should trust you. Thanks.
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