Color me too busy to actually "follow" people on YouTube, but for those who have the time, the patience and the sanity, there seems to be quite the amount of fascinating content to devour. The Hollywood Reporter tells us that producers Chris Adams, Steve Kearney and RJ Cutler have teamed to create a documentary out of a real-life YouTube love story. Essentially, two teenagers -- Daniel from Australia and Shannon from America -- met through YouTube and documented their relationship before deciding to actually meet in person. However, when Daniel traveled to the states, Homeland Security snatched him up on suspicion of terrorism, and, well, they both lived happily ever after.

Actually, I don't know what happened after that (did she think her internet boyfriend was a terrorist, and/or did he show Homeland Security his YouTube videos on his iPhone?), but we'll find out soon enough -- the producers plan to piece together a doc out of YouTube footage and other footage, and will deliver it either in movie theaters or through some other form, like, um, YouTube. Are any of you familiar with this story? Do you think it would make a good doc? Are there videos of these two still available to watch online? And are you a terrorist currently trying to romance some Yank on YouTube?
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