It's been a while since word hit earlier this year that Brad Pitt had picked up the rights to David Grann's upcoming book called The Lost City of Z. But after months of silence, the ball is rolling once again. Variety reports that Paramount has tapped James Gray (We Own the Night) to adapt Grann's work and then helm it with Pitt definitely taking the starring role as British explorer Percy Fawcett.

Lost City follows the true story of Fawcett, a man who "left Victorian society" in the '20s to explore the Amazon, obsessed with the legendary, advanced city Z. He made his way into the jungle with his son in search of this legend, and disappeared. Over the years, even Grann himself have tried to retrace Fawcett's steps. There are a number of rumors and possibilities, but as with any expedition many years later -- none have been verified.

There's no word on whether this will stay back in time, or merge Fawcett's quest with Grann's later discoveries. But either way, Fawcett is an icon who not only inspired Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World, but is also rumored to be the inspiration for Indiana Jones. That Crystal Skull was a fiasco, so maybe it's time to hand the reigns over to the original explorer and get a whole new taste of archaeology.
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