Here's your Christmas present from Warner Bros -- the Watchmen footage from ComicCon that we raved about for so long. Since then, much of it was incorporated into the second trailer, but not as stylishly as it was presented here. (Everything is stylish when accompanied by Philip Glass' Koyaanisquatsi score, though.) But now you can finally see the Dan Dreiberg footage I raved about -- I love, love, love the shot of him pictured above ... almost as much as I love the sadistic gleam in the eye of the Comedian as he looks at Sally Jupiter. This footage is full of those little moments, and it's really a bit eerie to see every panel recreated so well. Only three and a half more months, people. Three and a half more months!

The footage is available as a free download on iTunes -- but Cinematical readers won't have to go through that much trouble, as I've embedded it below. Now our international readers won't be left out in the cold. Watch, geek out, and go buy a copy of the graphic novel for everyone on your Christmas list.