Apparently, academic studies have been done arguing that the more Spartan your workplace, the more likely it is that you'll be promoted. If you are the sort of person who is cheered by family photos, an action figure, or a concert poster, you're rather screwed in the business world. So, you have a tough choice ahead of you -- becoming CEO of your company in the next five years, or showing off your fandom with this lovely Ark of the Covenant business card holder.

If you choose fandom over financial glory, then you can find it at the Entertainment Earth catalog. You can also get the Holy Grail (think of how many "You have chosen ... wisely" jokes you can make) and a fertility idol to hold your pens. Shockingly, there is not a Sankara Stone desk lamp, or a Crystal Skull anything. (Thank goodness.) I think the business card holder is the classiest and most useful of the bunch though and who knows? It might just be subtle enough to evade detection by your draconian overlords.