Earlier this week I told you about a sex comedy called Hot Tub Time Machine that's in the works, and noted that the screenwriter, Jason Heald, wasn't listed on IMDB. "First-timer? Pseudonym? Typo?" I wrote. "If Mr. Heald is reading this, please contact us and tell us whether your screenplay is funny and why we should trust you."

Well, Mr. Heald was reading it, and contact us he did! With his permission, here's what he told us:

First of all, yes, Jason Heald is a typo (thanks Hollywood Reporter). My name is Josh Heald. [He had a bit part in Harold & Kumar earlier this year, as seen above.] As for the screenplay -- without patting myself on the back, Hot Tub Time Machine is probably the greatest gift anyone's ever given the world. Time will show that it ranks up there with the Statue of Liberty and free Internet porn.

OK, removing my tongue from my cheek for a moment and without giving away anything without first consulting the directors or studio, let's just look at it logically -- I was able to sell a script called Hot Tub Time Machine. To an actual movie studio. That in and of itself seems ridiculously implausible, and yet, here we are. I think I should get an award of at least some sort of free sandwich. I will say, without giving anything away, that my goal with the screenplay was awesomeness, through and through. And audiences will not be disappointed.

Why should you trust me? I dunno. Depends on what you're trusting me with. I can make you laugh. But God help you if you go on vacation and trust me to water your plants. Because we all know what will happen. I'll probably end up f****** your plants. Not in a weird way or anything. Just, you know, sexually.
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