It was only a matter of time before Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock were paired in a romcom. Both have had their fair share of awkward bumbling, and now they get to do it together in The Proposal. Just check out the trailer above.

Yes, this is another Bullock romcom, and it isn't really breaking new ground. However, what's interesting is seeing how Judd Apatow & Co.'s brand of sexual humor is starting to play on the wider stage. In the trailer alone, Sandra gets surprised with morning ...erm... happines courtesy of Reynolds, and later, the two get accidental nude body on nude body klutzyness. But that's not all -- the film also boasts the vixen of the senior citizen set, Betty White, and she definitely makes the most of her sexy humor.

Is a little raunch enough to get you to see this? Or, will The Proposal just come off like your regular romcom fare?